This is Meliadoul's Online RPG. It has been running since the Fall of 1998 and, as of this update, is still running strong. Online RPGs have been made in many forms over the past few years. To my knowledge, the first one was made by Mattgamerr. I'm sure there were others, but his was the first I saw. In the summer of 1998, he stopped updating it, for the burden of updating a Play-by-mail RPG is incredable, as much as 3 hours a day! As you know, people get the internet every day. Many people misses the Online RPG revolution started in early 1998. By the end of the revolution, almost everyone had had an RPG and they all got tired of them and quit. When the new people came online after the Online RPG Revolution, they hadn't know what a play-by-mail was.
This is where I come in. I was also bored, for I was in Matt's RPG and it had closed down. I made an RPG of my own, using many of Mattgamerr's principles of e-mail-based turns and a page to show your stats. I then added things of my own creation, such as NPCs, RPG Tamagotchi interaction, and upgradable classes. The people then joined my RPG. The Online RPG Revolution began again, and many RPGs popped up based arround mine instead of Mattgamerr's.
And now, the present. My Online RPG has been running for two full years, but is currently running very slowly due to high school, social life, and the newly accessable automobile. Wether or not I finish it or simply post the rest of the story I haven't decided, but I'm not killing the site yet. And please don't send any more requests to join, the group is full and joining at this late point in the story would result in your character being far too weak to be more than cannon fodder.

The End of Time
This is where they tell you about the Online RPG itself

This is the part of the nearest town where you can buy new skills and equipment! Talk with the locals and find out about the latest gossip!

The Front Lines
This is where you can see your current level, items, weapons, and other stats as well as the current enemies fighting.

The Battlefield
This is where the action takes place. See how your guys faired against the bad guys.

Xeno was kind enough to sum up every battle up until Spectra and Shade in one cover all table. Thanks Xeno!

Meliadoul's Journal
This is where you check up on the story. I keep a log of our adventures and you can always read it. Just make sure you read it and not my slam book,cause then you'd kill me. Just kidding.

The Live Battle
We sort of experimented with this one in the chat. It was the Shade/Arachnid fight finished in Fanfic form. I dunno if I'll finish the ORPG like that though. Read it and leave me your thoughts on the messageboard.

The 7th Heaven
Tifa was in alot of battles, so she might be able to help you. Then again, it's not likely that she'll be around. She and Cloud have been going out on dates alot. Well, you can still talk to eachother in the chat. You can also leave notes for eachother in the messageboard to form strategies andyou can also leave me a message about the RPG. I want feedback!

Mattgamerr's Role Playing Homepage
Since he started me on the whole Online RPG thing for me, go here and give him a few hits. It's a good page too.

I want to make one thing good and clear. The images that I use (like the classes) are not made by me as of yet. The Banner'smine. The story of the RPG is mine. The use of daily turns is Mattgamerr's idea, so give him some respects. I used his old RPGas a template, so to speak. I changed the names of things, but you can tell some similarities between the End of Time and the Beginners Hall. They will pop up alot. But that fact that he was the one to start all of the RPGs remains. The use of any ideas of my own are mine. If you take them, I can and will find out. Basically, ask before you take and don't think that this is all mine. Let's just say Mattgamerr was a lead designer in the RPG, but the story and ideas were mine. Have a nice day.

Some sites I got images from:
The Galleria
Tactics Society
The Realms of Hyrule
Secret of Mana Palace

and there were a few others that I only got a single pic from, so it's not like I remember where they are. Since I got pictures from these places, please visit them all a couple of times, because it's the least we can do. If they don't work anymore, then my appologies, but I'm leaving the links up because I DID get pictures from what was once there, so they still deserve credit.